Friday, April 13, 2012

Stitches - Seattle, WA

After spending two days inside at the Seattle International Textile Expo, it was nice to get out and around Seattle. I was really excited to not only meet some of our customers, but also to see all the fabrics! Even though I work at a fabric store and assist in buying fabrics (basically meaning I can buy whatever fabric I want...within reason) it is hard for me to resist not buying more! If I like the fabric and it inspires me, I want it. But because I had 3 suitcases almost all filled to capacity, I was more restricted. So throughout my entire trip, I did not bu ANY fabric!! Believe me, it took a lot of will power, but I'm kinda proud of myself!

The first fabric store I visited was Stitches, located in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle. It was located near one of the colleges in Seattle, although not entirely geared toward the students. When you drive up you cannot help but miss Stitches. The front windows are framed with lime green and bubblegum pink paint. And when peering in the window, you see packed shelves of fabric, a notions wall, and bins of colorful yarns. 

Stitches carries a nice range of fashion fabrics including, denim, silks, linen, cotton, woolens, knits, costume fabrics, furs and more. The selection of fashion fabrics is great because there is a little bit of everything. There are also quilting cotton prints appropriate for fashion and oilcloth perfect for aprons, raincoats and tableclothes. 

Need a notion in a bind? This is the place to go! There is an entire wall of notions. If you can't find it here, then there is no such thing! I need some cording to make a seat cushion and just have not gotten to our loca Joann Fabrics to buy it. I was almost tempted to buy it from Stitches because they had exactly what I was looking for! Although I declined from the purchase, can you believe I would travel all the way across the country just to get basic cording!?!  I thought it was crazy too....

Check out the pic with samples from some of their classes. I wish they were closer so I could take a class! The pants in the picture are from an Echino linen blend border print. I've always loved these fabrics, but really had no idea what to do with them. I'm definitely going to make myself a pair of pants like this. Stitches offers classes for both beginners and experienced sewers almost every day of the week. Check out their website for class descriptions and times. They also carry a range of ribbons and trims for costumes, garments, accessories and more. So if you're in the Seattle area and you're feeling creative, check out Stitches to get everything you need from a fun and funky fabric store!

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