Sunday, January 29, 2012

Same pattern, different print!

As promised in last post, I made another knit top from Simplicity's 1916, just in a different print. This was a remnant piece of fabric with a large hole in the middle of the yard and a flaw in the fabric. I got this from Fabric Mart last year. It was in Julie's Picks. I was able to cut out the top minus the 3/4 length sleeves. I turned it into a sleeveless top. Looks great!

For those of you that don't know, I work at Fabric Mart and help select many of the fabrics you see on our website. I'm Julie, from Julie's Picks, and also select all the fabrics for each mailer. Most of my time is spent selling our fabrics wholesale to designers, small manufacturers and independent fabric stores. To learn more at Fabric Mart and Julie's Picks see our website:

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Knit Top Success!!

I'm so excited that this top turned out well! I have had so many garments not turn out, that I feel like I'm finally getting better at sewing. This is Simplicity 1916 Misses Knit Top. The fabric is from Fabric Mart (of course, right!?) It was a remnant piece from last year and is not available online anymore. Although you may not be able to see it, there are pleats at the bust and gathers under the bust. It has 3/4 length sleeves and is so comfortable. I could make this shirt out of 10 different knit prints! I also was able to get a really nice double stitch on the hem without a double needle. 

I finished the top tonight and immediately cut out another top from the same pattern. The next top will have no sleeves, or short sleeves--not sure which I will do yet-- because the fabric has a flaw I need to work around. I definitely recommend this pattern to anyone. It is easy and is also flattering. I

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

This weekend I made a muslin for a casual dolman sleeve dress from McCall pattern 6112. I wanted to make it out of a printed knit, but didn't want to waste the knit if the dress didn't fit or I didn't like the style. So I chose a black rayon knit to make the dress. This is actually the first time I made a muslin. (Most of the time I'm too lazy to make them!) But I wanted to make a muslin that I could use rather than just throw away.

I really like the way it turned out. It is super comfy and I could wear it around the house or out shopping. The only change I would make is to shorten the sleeves a little bit. Since the dress is plain, adding a belt or scarf around the waist would add some color and texture. The long necklace, as shown in the picture, can add some sparkle. I can't wait to make the printed knit dress!

Monday, January 23, 2012

First fashion of the year!

Since I'm in the Fabric Stash Contest on Pattern Review, I have really been in the mood to make clothing again! I really missed making clothes, so I'm excited to get started. My first fashion of the year was Vogue 8710, a Katherine Tilton knit top. The fabric is a rayon knit that came from After finishing it, I wasn't thrilled with the turn out. It was fun to make, but the knit didn't agree with me. It puckered in places that it shouldn't and didn't hang very well. The pattern called for it to be cut out the opposite of how you usually cut the bodice,so the fabric laid a lot different.

The only nice thing about it is that I could wear it to bed. Haha! It was not flattering at all and I do not think it is worth trying to alter it. So it will go in the pajama drawer. May try the pattern again in a different fabric.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

My Sewing Room Curtains!

The second project of the year are a set of 3 curtains for my sewing room! I used "Sew Now, Sew Wow" from Alexander Henry. I saved this fabric from my online fabric store on etsy. When I was choosing a color to paint my sewing room I had to keep this fabric in mind. I came across this sewing room in another blog:

I wish I could give someone credit, but I don't remember where it came from! I also have an old kitchen table that I really wanted to incorporate into the room as a cutting table. And the colors in these pictures just reminded me of the Sew Now Sew Wow! fabric. So I chose a paint color similar to the one in the picture and the trim is a very pale blue, almost white. So here are my curtains! We still have to finish painting the closet doors, so I will post pictures of the finished room, when we finish!

The curtains were really easy to make. I sewed a hem on the sides and bottom, then put a pocket at the top... and that's it! For 3 windows it took a total of 5 yards. 

Breezeway Seat Cushion

I joined the Fabric Stash Contest on Pattern Review. The contest is for the whole month of January. I wasn't going to sign up, but decided I needed something to help me get motivated. So my first project was a seat cushion. This seat cushion is for the breezeway at the back door of our house.

The seat cushion is made from "Bird Seed" from Alexander Henry. This was also my first time using cording in a project. I had a little bit of trouble working with the cording because I did not cut the fabric into bias strips. covered the cording with regular fabric strips that did not turn corners as well as if made with bias strips. I used the zipper foot to attach the cording to the fabric. Then sewed it like I was making a pillow, and turned it right side out. I stuffed the foam into the cushion and hand-sewed the end together.

Anything I would do different? I would research more information on how to make cushions. I was figuring it out as I was going, so I would look for better ways of making them.

I really like the way the cushion looks in the breezeway. It adds personality to the space!

And we're off...

I'm going to start this! I had a blog once but failed to update it. I posted in it once during 2010 and once in 2011. I'm going to make an effort at this!