Saturday, January 21, 2012

Breezeway Seat Cushion

I joined the Fabric Stash Contest on Pattern Review. The contest is for the whole month of January. I wasn't going to sign up, but decided I needed something to help me get motivated. So my first project was a seat cushion. This seat cushion is for the breezeway at the back door of our house.

The seat cushion is made from "Bird Seed" from Alexander Henry. This was also my first time using cording in a project. I had a little bit of trouble working with the cording because I did not cut the fabric into bias strips. covered the cording with regular fabric strips that did not turn corners as well as if made with bias strips. I used the zipper foot to attach the cording to the fabric. Then sewed it like I was making a pillow, and turned it right side out. I stuffed the foam into the cushion and hand-sewed the end together.

Anything I would do different? I would research more information on how to make cushions. I was figuring it out as I was going, so I would look for better ways of making them.

I really like the way the cushion looks in the breezeway. It adds personality to the space!

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