Monday, January 23, 2012

First fashion of the year!

Since I'm in the Fabric Stash Contest on Pattern Review, I have really been in the mood to make clothing again! I really missed making clothes, so I'm excited to get started. My first fashion of the year was Vogue 8710, a Katherine Tilton knit top. The fabric is a rayon knit that came from After finishing it, I wasn't thrilled with the turn out. It was fun to make, but the knit didn't agree with me. It puckered in places that it shouldn't and didn't hang very well. The pattern called for it to be cut out the opposite of how you usually cut the bodice,so the fabric laid a lot different.

The only nice thing about it is that I could wear it to bed. Haha! It was not flattering at all and I do not think it is worth trying to alter it. So it will go in the pajama drawer. May try the pattern again in a different fabric.

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