Monday, May 21, 2012

Fabric Depot -- Portland, OR

I hate that I haven't had time to write a new post, but I've been so busy! With spring in full swing I am spending most of my time outside in the yard! Now that it is taken care of for the moment, it is time to start blogging again!

My next post will be a review of Fabric Depot in Portland, OR. I've been wanting to post reviews of all the fabric stores I've been to on my trips, so here we go...

Fabric Depot is like a mecca for everything sewing and crafts. I walked in a side door but was immediately faced with a huge classroom space. Fabric Depot is the headquarters for Palmer/ Pletch schools, so I'm sure they have to carry fabrics for the students in the classes. For those of you that don't know what Palmer/ Pletch is, it is a sewing school that sewers go through to get certified to teach professional P/P classes in their area. People from all over the country travel to Portland for this special opportunity.

After turning the corner, I see a huge space in front of me FILLED with all types of different fabrics. They have the fabrics separated into categories including Evening and Bridal, Quilting, Fashion Fabrics, Home Decor and more. I was amazed by the selection they had. I envision it is a lot like the old fabric stores in Reading, PA would have been like -- Levine's, So-Fro Fabrics, etc. One interesting thing was that they mark their bolts by showing where they got it. Of course I had to go around and look for all the Fabric Mart fabric...haha!

One thing that stuck out was their selection of "Mood Fabrics -- Direct from NYC" section. This was a selection of fabrics directly from the ever so popular Mood Fabrics in NYC. I thought that was a neat way to merchandise the product. They are bringing Mood Fabrics right to the customer that may not be able to travel to NYC.

Who doesn't love a yard sale? Well there is one in Fabric Depot all the time! They recently opened a "Yard Sale" room where they have deep discounts on apparel, quilting and home decor fabrics as well as notions and other goodies. 

Maybe it is a good thing there are not too many fabric stores in our area...I think I would spend all my money on fabric. Fabric Depot is definitely great for all sewers, whether you're an expert or just starting out. By the looks of it, if you don't find what you're looking for at Fabric're not going to find it anywhere else.  

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