Sunday, February 19, 2012

Experiment with foil nails

I came across foil nails in the January 2012 issue of Lucky Magazine. The kind they were showing in the magazine were ikat print nails. They were so cool!! So I had to have them. NCLA makes awesome prints, but since then I've seen Sally Hansen carry them as well. So last night I gave them a try.

First you have to make sure your nails are dry and clean. Put a coat of clear polish on. Then peel a foil off and put the rounded edge along your cuticle. (tr other end has a little tab so you can peel it off the paper. Then once you have it in place, press down in all directions. Once it is secure, use a nail file to "cut" the foil. Voila! You now have foiled nails! Just put a coat of clear gloss on top and your done.

Now that I've had them on for a day, I had to put some more clear polish on because the tips chipped a little. But I've washed dishes a few times and used my hands more and they seem to be staying on!

I think the next time I put them on, they will go on even better since I now know what I'm doing!!

Looks great!

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