Monday, February 20, 2012

Dress in a Night

Tonight I made myself a knit dress. The fabric is from Fabric Mart (what a surprise...haha). It is an ITY Knit (95% Polyester, 5% Lycra) I used this piece of fabric as one of our drapes at a trade show, so once we were done with it in wholesale, I got the drape! The dress is made from Simplicity 2369, which is a newer design from the pattern company. It is a fake wrap top with a plastic buckle on the left side.

I had no problems making the dress, it was really easy. I was able to sew it all in an evening (2-hours really). I cut it out the day before, but I just can't believe how quick I whipped it up! 

I would not really do anything different to the process. It was straightforward and was very quick. It is a great dress for traveling and perfect for spring into summer. PLUS the coral color in the print is similar to PANTONE Color of the Year 2012.


  1. Beautiful dress! I don't know if others are having a problem...maybe it's just me. I love the flowers and background colors of your blog, but I can't read a lot of the words typed in red on the dark gray.

    1. The red type blurrs for me making it illegible.

  2. Lovely! What a perfect fabric choice.