Tuesday, January 29, 2013

High Hampton Collection at Joann Fabrics

I'm not one to talk about other fabric stores, especially since I work at a well-known one in the fabric world. But I just have to express how much I LOVE the High Hampton Collection at Joann Fabrics. Yes, I am almost a weekly customer of Joann Fabrics, but I am usually only shop for notions, buttons, interfacings, patterns and the 50% off clearance fabrics section. (I look for knit fabrics to make infinity scarves.) But one day on my way out of the store, I saw this collection of fabric with a sophisticated and nautical look featuring fabrics in navys, emeralds, whites and reds. Definitely reminds me of many Lilly Pulitzer designs! I've selected a few Lilly garments to use as inspiration for these fabrics. 

This selection of fabric includes (left to right:)
Cotton Plaid Shirting, Green/navy knit, Abstract Print Rayon Knit (really like this one), a cotton with netting-like burnouts (see detail below - I really like this one!), and two nautical prints. 

Possible idea?

Here we have another plaid cotton shirting, another eyelet-look cotton, an awesome abstract diamond design on cotton sateen (I really like that one), a floral swiss dot cotton, green eyelet (LOVE) and a striped chiffon.

Obviously I was drawn to this outfit because it mimicks the colors in the cotton sateen. But the cotton sateen print could be a blazer (pretty wild one!) Or maybe even a dress or skirt. I don't have a good example for the green eyelet---I just love it! Any ideas??

This photo shows a cotton seersucker, floral cotton print, a navy blue sateen with white cording and a navy fabric (I don't quite remember if it was a knit or woven.) 

The fabric on this dress is awesome--they are buttons! But since that fabric is not available, the navy blue sateen with white cording could be a good alternative. Even the green floral cotton would be a cute substitute.

Last but not least, here is a collection with a striped knit, cotton with embroidered anchors, a cotton eyelet-look, and a white eyelet knit. 

The striped knit would make a fun shirt like the one shown above. If you wanted to go total nautical, make some shorts with the embroidered anchors cotton.

As of right now, the collection is 25% off. I'm definitely going to purchase 2-3 of these fabrics when they go on further discount. The bolts don't seem to be getting smaller. (I check everytime I go in!)

While I have some inspiration photos for these fabrics, does anyone have a pattern suggestion? All advice is welcome!


  1. Please email me at jennfer.carney529@yahoo.com..

  2. My neighbor has been on a hunt for the blue/red anchor fabric your say is at your store.. she was only able to get a small amount and has been on the hunt, even has a youtube video out.. please let me know if your store has it.. PLEASE!

  3. Hi can you tell me who makes the Swiss dot floral pattern :)