Thursday, January 17, 2013

Quick Project - Vogue #8795 Marcy Tilton Jacket

Two weekends ago I started working on a buttondown shirt for my husband. I got to the point where I needed him around while I was sewing it, so I started working on an easy project for myself. I decided on Vogue #8795 - A Marcy Tilton Jacket. I made it from a double knit from Fabric Mart's retail store.

The jacket is a loose-fitting, semi-cropped jacket with an asymetrical collar. The pattern comes with variations on our to close the front. You can have an exposed collar/flap, finished collar/flap, hook and eye closure or a fashion zipper. I selected the exposed collar/flap and a fashion zipper. The pattern was really easy and I got it done in just 2-3 hours from cut to finish! I made it a little smaller in the bodice area, although it is suppose to be a loose fitting garment.

And on a side note, I just made the decision to attend the Puyallup Sewing and Stitchery Expo in March! I will be out in Washington state for a wholesale fabric show and am going out a day early to go to the expo. Can't wait to experience what everyone in the NW has been telling me about! Does anyone have suggestions on what to do or see at the show? I will only be there Sunday though, so classes are not really an option.

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  1. Yes! Come see my buttons! I'm in booth #123 in the Pavilion. Sew Kool Buttons. I will also have info about my textile tours to Bali PLUS I design a small line of sterling silver jewelry - some on a sewing theme.

    Love to have you say hello.